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“Even if I fu**** for it it’s still work Abeg” – Princess Shyngle says as site lists her estimated net worth at $400,000

Princess Shyngle has revealed that she’s worth more than the $400,000 that a site estimates that she is.

The Gambian actress shared a screenshot of the article about her net worth and wrote:

Google says I’m worth $400,000 ??? I’m worth more though ?? ???? by God’s grace before this summer ends I’m definitely gonna be worth more than a million dollars ? ?????? because we don’t show off don’t mean we’re broke oh ?? by the way I’m the stingiest woman you can ever meet in this life ??? I don’t joke with my money ?

Followers soon flooded her DM begging for financial assistance and the curvy actress returned to Instagram to warn those begging her for money.

She wrote: “If anyone sends me one more dm begging for money I will slap you.”

She added: “You think it’s easy out here making money abi. Even if I fucked for it it’s still work Abeg. Don’t make me slap you, go out there and hustle like I did Abeg ??‍?? no one can brag in peace anymore.”

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