Evangelist lists sinful hairstyles & hair routines; includes wigs, weavons, relaxers [Video]

A lot of trending hairstyles and hair routines have caused men and women to sin against God unknowingly; a Nigerian evangelist claims in a viral video. According to her, wearing wigs; using weavons, relaxers, hair gels and even having haircuts as a lady, are sins that will lead one to hell.

Admonishing her audience, the self-assured evangelist called on people to repent because the hairstyles and the hair routines she listed are from the satanic world.

An Instagram user @fashiondoctor19 reacted to the video saying, “It seems heaven is for no one.”

@obial said, “Someone needs to tell her that wearing orange is a sin. It’s not a primary colour created by God.”

Watch The Video Below [Swipe Left To Watch]