“Wearing make-up, high heels and carrying fashionable haircuts are against God’s principles” – Pastor claims

A pastor identified by his Facebook username as Gideon Akande has stated vehemently that wearing make-ups and high heels for women and carrying a fashionable haircut (for men) which he shared a photo of are against the principles of God and Christianity.

Pastor Make-up High heels haircut

In a series of posts sighted on his Facebook page, he noted that the aforementioned are basically ungodly and no committed child of God would do such.

Speaking against high heels, he wrote:

“A Christian woman who like wearing high heel shoes is married to the world; she may be in the church, but her soul is in the world. You will NEVER see a godly, chaste and modest Christian lady wearing high heel shoe.”

Pastor Make-up High heels haircut

Critiquing a particular haircut amongst men, he also wrote:

“I repeat, no genuine child of God will comfortably put this devilish haircut on his head. The gods of this world has blinded them until they wake up into eternity with  no room for repentance. NOTE: This warning is not for the world or the wayward Christians but for the remnant elects.”

This assertion of his, however, stirred lots of reactions and controversies online as people questioned such a claim.

The pastor while responding to the backlashes went on to restate his position.

Taking to the comment section, he wrote:

“To those opposing his post, he wrote: “When you experience genuine salvation that gives you inner peace and hope of eternal life, I don’t need to speak in tongues to tell you some things are not proper for a child of God.”

“Children of God are the salt of the earth not the sugar of the earth. You know the difference? Salt Christian seasons and is modest and godly. But Sugar Christians, who are the majority, they sweeten, they are sexy and satanic.”

Kicking against wearing make-up, he wrote:

Women who engage in artificial makeup are passing messages to God. You see, if I tell my customer, “I will make up to you next time ” it means there is a previous shortcoming to make up next time. So when you are doing makeup, you saying, “God, see my eyelashes, too short, but I will make up to your shortcomings. “God , see how you created my nails like human beings, nevermind I will make it up like Tiger nails”
When you disfigure, edit and makeup God’s natural image and you look like animal, you are no more representing God’s image and you are not feet for His Kingdom. REPENT!
Pastor Make-up High heels haircut

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