Drama as Police vows to arrest dog over owner’s failure to provide its license (Video)

A drama broke out along a road highway as a Nigeria Police makes move to arrest a dog due to the owner’s failure at proving its license.

Drama as Police vows to arrest dog over owner's failure to provide its license (Video)

During a stop and search on a highway, the police officer and a passenger argued over the documentation of a dog.

The officer insisted that the passenger must provide a license before the dog can be released and on failing to do so, he intends to arrest the animal.

The passenger who insisted on not having a license at a point appealed for the dog’s release over claims of buying it a few hours before the journey.

Reactions license of dog

Bigshynee wrote: “The police man 👮‍♀️ is actually right 💯, na base on say we Nigerians we non sabi the law, all pets are suppose to have a registered name and details licence from a legal veterinary doctor right from birth, so as he purchased it, it wud be transferred to the new owner.”

Winsolutionventures noted: “Is just bcoz we don’t do things normally in this country, the police man is ryt, in advance country you should have a claim of ownership.”

Amara.shuga wrote: “Una still want make dog first me get license? It’s not fair.”

Iamgiftbeatz noted: “😂😂😂😂😂. E sure me die say this man comot from primary 6 enter police 😂.”

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