Correct errors ahead of March 11 Gubernatorial elections – US urges INEC

Spokesperson of the US government, Ned Price urges INEC to do the necessary corrections in election results ahead of Gubernatorial elections.


The US government has released a press statement congratulating the president-elect Bola Tinubu after he was declared winner of the 2023 elections.

After congratulating Tinubu, the US government urged INEC to correct every error in the election results ahead of the Gubernatorial elections slated on March 11.

The statement reads;

We understand that many Nigerians and some of the parties have expressed frustration about the manner in which the process was conducted and the shortcomings of technical elements that were used for the first time in a presidential election cycle.  Nigerians are clearly within their rights to have such concerns and should have high expectations for their electoral processes.

We join other international observers in urging INEC to improve in the areas that need the most attention ahead of the March 11 gubernatorial elections.

There are well-established mechanisms in place for the adjudication of electoral disputes, and we encourage any candidate or party seeking to challenge the outcome to pursue redress through those mechanisms.  We call on all parties, candidates, and supporters to refrain from violence or inflammatory rhetoric at this critical time.

We commend the active participation of civil society and the media in advancing electoral norms and political discourse on issues of importance to citizens.  We note with concern reports that numerous members of the media were attacked during the course of the election, and we urge the government, security forces, political actors, and all citizens to respect the media’s critical role by refraining from any damaging acts against them and ensuring accountability for such acts when they do occur.  We also congratulate the Nigerian people, especially the large number of youths who are relatively new to the political process, for demonstrating their strong commitment to democracy.”

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