General Church Warns Choir Members For Ungodly Dance During Service, Nigerians React

Church Warns Choir Members For Ungodly Dance During Service, Nigerians React


A letter of warning was given to the choir of First Baptist Church, Agbede for dancing ungodly during the praise and worship section.

The church, in the letter issued out said the choir members will face the disciplinary committee if the style of dancing is not stopped.

The letter reads;

“The disciplinary committee of the above named church choir hereby write to give you a warning as regard your dance style during church service most especially during the praise and worship section.

The committee hereby write to tell you that you should kindly stop this dance style that doesn’t glorify God during worship service as there would be a close watch on you to see if you’re going to change before you would be asked to face the disciplinary committee if there is still no change n your style of dancing.”

Read some reactions below:

* Gbe body for Jesus. Nothing wrong with that na. The problem remains that we are too religious with plenty of sin. Arrest me when I am happily dancing and praising my God with zanku dance.
Worshiping God is a personal commune.

* Yeah nothing wrong at all. I like how Christians are now getting their inspiration from Yahoo Yahoo boys, ritualists and drug users. Nothing wrong at all. I like how churches are the ones empowering the people responsible for the decay of morals and values in Nigeria. And I especially love the fact that tongue speaking Christians like u spend your time watching and listening to the most lewd music out there so u can learn the latest dance moves and show it off in church. That’s just beautiful. Later when we tell u u guys are jesters and clowns u will start crying.

* I see ntn bad. The only thing i still love abt religion is dat its the only obstacle in Nigeria preventing WAR! Especially Christainity. Meanwhile, those of u saying Christainity is nt a religion but a way of life, can u defend dat statement Who taught u dat doctrine??

* Where in the Bible did God tell you to worsyand praise him with Zanku and Gbe body e? This is how you people offer strange fires to God and get burnt to death in the process. Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron the priest, felt they were pleasing God when they offered a strange fire of incense which God never commanded them to do. Guess what happened? God consumed them with fire from above.. God has carefully laid how how we are to behave in his house. Doing what he never requested for or commanded is the same as offering strange fire which has consequences.


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