BBNaija #BBNaija Day 60: Countdown begins, Laycon allays eviction fears, The Indomie task,...

#BBNaija Day 60: Countdown begins, Laycon allays eviction fears, The Indomie task, and lots more…


Catch up with all interesting highlights from #BBNaija Day 60: Countdown begins, Laycon allays eviction fears, The Indomie task, and lots more.

Day 60: The countdown begins

Nengi and Laycon discuss their feelings around the approaching finale and what they can still do while they are in the House.

Day 60: Showcasing with Indomie

From charisma to warmth and fashionable, the Housemates describe their attires and meals for the Indomie ‘Show your Personality’ Task.

Day 60: Finding personality with Indomie

The Indomie Ingredient Ring Toss determined who the moderator for the day will be and Neo claimed the victory taking home a prize of N500,000 and becoming Biggie’s assistant for the duration of the competition.

Day 60: Indomie in the House
The Big Brother Lockdown Housemates have another Indomie Task to compete for which involves two things we love, food and fashion!

Indomie was back in the building with a new Task for the Housemates. What’s different this time? Well, for starters they were going at this as individuals now rather than in teams and this Task required their creative energy! Let’s get right to it and find out what they had to do.

The Brief

The task today was broken into two parts. The first was to go into the Arena and engage in a Task that would identify the moderator. The second part was to create an outfit from provided materials and a killer meal to boot, based on their ingredients.

The Moderator

The first task in the Arena was to identify an ingredient that Housemates thought best identified their personality. Once done, they partook in the Indomie Ingredient Ring Toss where they had to throw rings over cones, based on the ingredient they chose. Neo had the most rings over his cone becoming the moderator and Biggie’s assistant for the day, taking home N500,000 courtesy of Indomie.

The Housemates found out their characteristics and were then tasked with creating some killer outfits from materials in boxes which represented their chosen ingredients. In addition, they were to make a meal with the ingredient they chose.

We anticipate some amazing creativity from the geng today, so stay tuned!

Day 60: Power nap time!

Dorathy, Laycon and Trikytee discuss how much time the Housemates have spent sleeping in the House.

Day 60: Back to life!

The Housemates try to figure out what life will be like when they get back to regular life with masks and all.

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