Avaricious mother sells daughter’s 2 plots land; claims she owes her for all the years she looked after her

A lady has recounted how her mother tricked her into buying land only to go back later and collect the money.

According to the disgruntled her mother had recommended she gets her own land so she can build a house on it.

Taking her mother’s advice, the lady purchased two plots of land hoping that when she gets enough money, she can commence building a house.

When she finally had the money and decided to begin building on the land, she was notified that the land had been sold.

She later found out that her mum had gone back to the man who had sold the land to her and told him that her daughter was no longer interested and collected back the money.

Read her story below:

“Aunt Abena, my mum told me she wanted me to buy land and build on. She introduced me to aman and I bought 2 plots from him. I decided to build on it last year and found out the man had sold it to another man. Not knowing my mother went to tell him I’m no more interested in the land and took the money. I went to ask her and she’s telling me I owe her for all the years of taking care of me. I paid 120k for 2 plots
I want the money back but everyone is saying I should leave it. What do you think?”

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