“All men are cheat” – Singer, Rasz defends Davido on alleged cheating saga (Video)

Nigerian singer, Rasz has come out to defend Davido as regards the cheating saga that occurred recently; which involved Davido being spotted with Young MA’s ex girlfriend, Mya Yafai at St. Marteen.


In the video, the singer defended Davido judiciously, while stating that there is no faithful man in the world.

Rasz noted that all his friends are cheats and concluded that it is in the nature of men to cheat, hence God created them that way.

"All men are cheat" - Singer Rasz defends Davido on alleged cheating saga (Video)

The singer also sent a message to ladies who break up with their boyfriend on the basis of cheating, as he reiterated that all men cheat. To him, cheating is a lifestyle nobody can take away from men.

Watch the video below:


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