Zubby Michael spotted giving bundles of cash to Junior Pope’s family

Popular actor Zubby Michael was seen generously giving bundles of cash to Junior Pope‘s family amid backlash over his outfit at the late actor’s funeral.

You may recall that Zubby Michael came under fire over his outfit at Junior Pope’s funeral from his colleagues and fans.

Zubby Michael
Zubby Michael.

In a widely shared video, the actor was seen taking bundles of cash from a bag and giving them to his late friend’s family during the funeral.

Although his generous gesture was meant to be kind, it drew criticism from fans who accused him of showing off and deemed it unnecessary.

Read some reactions below

Omo Kogi said: “What happened to bank transfer? zubby Michael and show off 🤦‍♂️”

Nwo-Diali stated: “Generosity on camera is an act to elevate the ego of the giver, not to alleviate the suffering of the receiver.”

Nonconformist reacted: “This is absolutely unnecessary. But because they will keep dragging him, maybe this was necessary and thoughtful of him. But all in all, na rubbish be this sha…”

Seun Akinsanya noted: “He intentionally showed off to keep the noisemakers shut, we all know humans can’t be satisfied.. make una leave am abeg.”

Favy asked: “But must they video it?”