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Young girl in coma after being beaten, raped and abandoned inside a gutter in Ogun State



A 17-year-old girl, Favour has been in coma after being beaten, raped and abandoned inside a gutter to die in Ogun State.

According to Twitter user, Bimbo who shared the story, Favour who was returning from work, was found inside the gutter two days after she was dumped.

The man who raped had initially tried to rape her in her room, but Favour’s scream alerted neigbours and she was rescued.

Read the story and see more photos below…

Favor clocked 17 years on May 2nd . Four weeks ago , She was brutally raped , beaten , bitten and slammed on the edges of sharp gutter and pushed in the deep gutter to die . She was found two days after . Favor was coming from the factory where she had worked her shift .

She was declared missing and when she was found in the pool of blood , almost unconscious , she was able to mutter who raped her and what happened. A 28 year old boy that once attacked her and tried to rape in her room , she was beaten and her scream alerted the neighbors

She was rescued and the case was reported, he was arrested but he was released thereafter.

Three weeks after this, he waylaid her while returning from her night shift and did this damage to her .

Favor is an orphan , her mom died in 2007 while her dad is still at the mortuary . Why on Earth would anyone do this to a child ? What did she do ?

I saw her today and I wept . From her waist to the toe is numb . She can’t even recognize anyone .