“You threatened my life and my child’s too” – Sidechic of Manny, Shalom reacts to lawsuit from Caramel Plugg

The sidechic of Manny, Shalom Cakes has reacted to the lawsuit laid against her by Nigerian influencer, Caramel Plugg.

Recall that Nigerian Influencer Caramel Plugg and the sidechic of her boyfriend, Shamlom Cakes clashed with her boyfriend’s sidechic Shalom, for allegedly collecting money from her man.

Sidechic fires back at Caramel Plugg. Photo credit: Google. Source: Google

According to reports, Caramel Plugg who was on a  vacation with her man got to know about her boyfriend’s monetary gift to his side chick and got angry.

She took to her Snapchat to call out the sidechic of her boyfriend, Shalom while claiming that the lady had body odor and was also fond of begging her man for money.

Fast forward, Caramel Plugg has sued some bloggers like Tosin, Cutie Julls, Oosha Gee, Dera Poah, Big Ayo AKA 47Kasz, and the sidechic of her boyfriend, Shalom Godwill for alleging that she is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Manny, And also, her boyfriend has been physically abusing her mother.

According to the lawsuit, the vloggers and the side chic of Manny involved in the aforementioned have been given an ultimatum of 24 hours to render an apology and retract their comment or face monetary damages in the sum of N35,000,000.00.

In reaction to the lawsuit and allegations, Shalom has taken to her Snapchat to drag Carmel Plugg.  According to her, she can also counter-sue Caramel for making a lot of derogatory comments about her during their online banter.

She also disclosed that she would have also sued Caramel for threatening her life and that of her baby’s life with a post she made online. “Remember when you said you will come for me and my baby child? All you said, I have screenshots on my phone”.

Did you see me post your mum? Or domestic violence in your relationship?”, she quizzed.


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