“You can withdraw dollars from ATM” – Lady visits Liberia, discovers they spend US dollars for streets purchases (Video)

A lady identified as Toke embarked on a journey to Liberia and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of accessing US dollars in the African country.

Liberia, a country with two legal tenders, the Liberian dollar and the US dollar, boasts a convenient exchange rate of 0.0054 cents to the US dollar, in stark contrast to Nigeria’s current exchange rate of over N784 for one US dollar.

"You can withdraw dollars from ATM" - Lady visits Liberia, discovers they spend US dollars for streets purchases (Video)

In a video shared on social media, Toke excitedly narrated her eye-opening experience, highlighting the accessibility of US dollars through street ATMs in Liberia.

She expressed amazement at how even street vendors and small businesses conducted transactions primarily in US dollars, a practice rarely seen in Nigeria.

Toke recounted a chance encounter with a Nigerian resident of Liberia who described life in the country as favorable.

As per the latest exchange rates, one Liberian dollar currently exchanges for N4.2089, making Liberia a haven for individuals seeking a more straightforward and cost-effective way to acquire US dollars compared to the challenging currency exchange market in Nigeria.

Netizens Reactions…

@Travel With Miracle said; “One of the oldest countries in Africa, but long war destroyed many things in the country.”

@johnnie commented: “Things are very expensive.”

@Clinton said; “1 Liberian dollar equals 4.17 Nigerian Naira.”

@Jennifer Iheanacho asked; “What’s the exchange rate, please?”

@Jennifer Iheanacho said; “E be like say I go move o.” 

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