Yemi Alade continues rant as she condemns demolition of houses in Lagos State

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade vents her frustration while persistently raising her voice against the demolition of homes within Mende Estate, located in Lagos State.

Recall that the singer questioned the reasoning behind the ongoing demolition of houses in Lagos State, which leaves residents without shelter overnight.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade.

She criticized the Lagos State government, urging them to explore alternative solutions and stressing the importance of improving their approach to such matters.

Once again, Yemi Alade responded to a demolition incident in Mende Estate, where residents were given only a two-hour notice before their building was demolished.

She called for the government to directly notify residents or announce such actions through the media. According to her, sudden demolitions cause unnecessary trauma to innocent citizens.

She dismissed critics who questioned her involvement in the issue, stating confidently that it would get to their turn soon.

Read some reactions below:

Mr_Johnny said: “If you build house on canal or drainage your turn will come it’s a simple as that”

Jude advised: “Yemi kindly ignore the APC trolls, they do not have the best interest of Nigeria at heart. They don’t have independent mindsets, they are slaves.”

Playsafe said: “It’s really sad, some trolls don’t know what it means to lose a house because they don’t have anything of value.”

Bayo wrote: “This gaslighting is DOA…if you break the law….the law will eventually catch up with you. Don’t be a lawless woman”


Yemi Alade continues rant as she condemns demolition of houses in Lagos State

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