Women shouldn’t be pressured into marriage- Actress Beverly Naya

British-born Nigerian actress, Beverly Naya has stated that the reason she has been able to stay away from controversies is because, she doesn’t do things that would lead to scandals.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, the actress said:

“I don’t do things I shouldn’t be doing. It’s easy when one is living one’s life and one stays away from certain things. That’s it really. I am not hiding anything. If I were hiding anything, it would have been revealed by now. I just don’t do things that would lead to scandals. It’s just the way I am.”

Naya also maintained that society should put less pressure on women to get married. She said,

“It’s only an expectation if one allows it to be an expectation. It’s all about what one feels and when one is ready to do (certain) things. When one starts allowing people determine how one lives, it becomes an expectation. It becomes pressure. It all begins and ends with one.”