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“Women openly market charms that keep men vulnerable, but if a man lace a girl’s drink to sleep with her, he’s a monster” – Lady expresses disgust

A Twitter user identified by her handle as @Girl_isBlessed has expressed disgust due to the fact that women openly sell and flaunt charms to keep a man vulnerable in order to continually milk his riches, but when a man lace a girl’s drink with a substance in order to sleep with her, he is automatically considered a monster.

Twitter Charms Women Riches


Frowning at how society has accepted the idea of women using charms to get men to do their biddings, the lady stated that many now consider this act as ‘securing a lady’s bag’; that is a lady making necessary moves to see that her man doesn’t get entangled to another.

Lamenting profusely, she wrote:

“Women openly market charms that keep Men vulnerable in order to milk all their money, Women openly buy, no outrage, no arrests. If a man lace a girl’s drink To sleep with her he’s a monster. If a woman use dark powers to milk a man’s wealth she’s securing the bag.

One day… She dresses well, speaks fluently, beautiful, firm boobs, but there’s a smelly concussion in her hand bag?

Dirty, Smelly, disgusting set of people.
U have them as friends, u support them, u celebrate their “Wins” on ur WhatsApp status. murde$$%% in lingerie. One day…”

See the tweet below:

Twitter Charms Women Riches

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