Why I killed 5-year-old Hanifa – Suspect finally opens up (Video)

School proprietor arrested over the murder of 5-year-old Hanifa, has finally opened up on why he committed the atrocity.

According to the suspect who debunked viral claims that he did it for ritual purposes, he was in financial crisis and the pressure made him go extreme.

In his words:

“I buried her in the school. Let me clear this doubts. People are thinking that it has to do with rituals. It’s not ritual something. I buried her inside the school simply because I would not be able to find any secured place to find a hole. And this person near me was the very person that dig the hole.

I’m the school proprietor and this is my first time. I did it because of financial crisis because the school is in a lot of debts.

I told them to drop the money at a location. I was the one that picked the money myself.

First thing I want now is, I just want to plead to those parents. I just want to plead to them. Honestly, I am so sorry about what I did to them. I have killed a life that is very precious.”

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