Why Finidi George resigned as Super Eagles head coach

Finidi George has stepped down from his role as head coach of Nigeria’s Super Eagles, just days after leading the team to 2026 World Cup Qualifiers double.

His resignation comes following the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF) decision to appoint a foreign technical adviser to assist him.

The 53-year-old coach reportedly submitted his resignation letter to the NFF on Saturday.

In a video posted on social media, former Super Eagles media officer Colin Udoh provided insights into Finidi’s decision.

Why Finidi George resigned as Super Eagles head coach
Ex-Super Eagles manager Finidi George – Getty image

“Finidi confirmed to me that he resigned,” Udoh said. “He had a meeting with the NFF on Thursday, where they discussed future plans.

“He asked if he would continue in his role, but no one mentioned the appointment of a foreign adviser.”

According to Udoh, the NFF board made the decision to hire a foreign technical adviser during a Wednesday meeting, but this information was not communicated to Finidi during his subsequent meeting with the NFF.

Finidi is said to have only learned of the decision after returning to Port Harcourt, when someone informed him of the news.

“He had to stop his car to read the link and confirm it was true,” Udoh continued.

“After waiting two days without any communication from the NFF, Finidi felt unwanted and decided to resign.”

Meanwhile, the NFF has yet to comment on Finidi’s resignation or announce his successor.