Popular reality star, Tacha loses her cool as she calls out celebrities attacking her personality and encouraging her to be humble.


This is coming after the brand-influencer made a claim about being the highlight of the 2019 BBNaija reality show.

In reaction to the backlash that followed, Tacha justifies her actions by revealing how she battled depression following the mockery that followed her disqualification from the show.

"Where was this energy when I battled depression" - Tacha lambasts those telling her to be humble

”Trust me y’all do not want to have this conversation!! Stay Humble Stay Humble is what got me out of depression??? Where was this energy when y’all mocked, jammed to 🎶 and celebrated my supposed “DOWN FALL”?? Y’all maaad.

“Y’all had blue tick account pushing out narratives and rejoicing here and there!! You lots killed goat sef join to celebrate! But yeah it was OK to HATE ON TACHA! My mental health didn’t matter! If I died from depression didn’t matter! It was all ACCEPTABLE FUN,” she wrote in a tweet.


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