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“Weak storyline and plot” – Linda Ikeji rates “Coming to America 2” 3/10

Billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji has taken to her Twitter page to rate the classic American movie, “coming to America 2” 3/10 because of its weak storyline and plot.

Due to the whole paparazzi online as millions of fans all over the world were in wait for the classic comedy, “Coming to America 2”, Linda Ikeji has shown her utter disappointment in the movie production.

coming to america 2

She claims “Coming to America 2” wasn’t shot by a big studio and of course, Eddy Murphy who’s the brain behind it, couldn’t raise enough money for this movie. Rather he summoned his comedy friends to flop the storyline and plot. She finally rates it 3/10

Here’s what she tweeted;

“Coming to 2 America..lol. I doubt any big studio was behind it. Looks like something Eddy Murphy raised little money for and called his comedy friends to join. Locations at Rick Ross home &Tyler Perry studio. Weak storyline & plot. A good laugh but nothing close to the classic. 3/10”.


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