“We still have the Champions League” Thomas Müller boasts after Heidenheim defeat

Following Bayern Munich’s 3-2 defeat to Heidenheim, Thomas Müller remains hopeful about the club’s chances in the Champions League.

With Bayer Leverkusen now within reach for the Bundesliga title, Müller wants fellow Bayern players to focus attention on the Champions League.

In an interview with Sky Germany, he said, “We still have the Champions League. I would only resort to general criticism (if at all) when we really have nothing left worth fighting for.”

Bayern’s upcoming clash against Arsenal in the Champions League quarterfinal presents an opportunity for redemption.

"We still have the Champions League" Thomas Müller boasts after Heidenheim defeat
Thomas Muller – Getty image

However, Müller acknowledged the challenge ahead, especially considering Arsenal’s recent strong performance in the Premier League.

Despite the disappointing defeat to Heidenheim, Müller celebrated his milestone of making his 400th appearance for Bayern.