Warri Pikin reacts to criticisms trailing her new look in viral video

Famed comedian, Real Warri Pikin lashes out as she addresses folks who are criticizing her weight loss transformation which has been trending online.

It would be recalled that the comedian had come under fire after new video and photos showed her looking a lot slimmer than she had ever been after she underwent surgery.

warri pikin slim look weight loss transformation
Warri Pikin.

Following this, Warri Pikin took to social media to hit back at netizens dragging her as she revealed the reason behind her slim look.

She revealed in a new video that she had undergone a gastric sleeve surgery, in which 80% of her stomach was eviscerated to enable a healthier relationship with food.

Warri Pikin shunned such derogatory comments people have made about her new looks as she noted that her health is more important to her above their perceptions of her body.

She said …

“I dey see all una comments, ‘ehn she no look fine again’, that is not important, ‘she looks old, she looks sick’, ehn if that’s your definition of me being healthy, so be it. Everybody needs to be healthy.”

Check out the video below …


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