“Talk about the side effects of that surgery” – Lady calls out Warri Pikin, claims she’s not being honest

A lady has called out Warri Pikin and other Nigerian celebrities for being dishonest about the potential adverse effects of weight loss surgery.

The Twitter user raised concern about the rising number of people seeking weight loss surgery without fully comprehending the risks.

Realwarripikin, who has just undergone a remarkable transformation following weight loss surgery, has received both praise and condemnation from netizens.

Some praised her for the radical shift in her looks, while others preferred her previous appearance.

"Talk about the side effects of that surgery" - Lady calls out Warri Pikin, claims she's not being honest
Real Warri Pikin, Nigerian comedian. source: Google

The lady, on the other hand, raised a red flag about Realwarripikin’s discussion of the aftermath of her weight loss surgery, citing a perceived lack of transparency.

Warri Pikin’s significant weight loss, according to the Twitter user, was mostly attributed to surgery rather than typical gym training.

She asked the comedian to be transparent about the potential complications of such surgeries, including eating and defecation issues.


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