VeryDarkMan addresses dreams from concerned fans about his death

Controversial commentator, VeryDarkMan shares a tip with his concerned fans who have been having dreams about his untimely death.

The critic who has been at the centre of one backlash or the other, his latest revolving around not feeling pity for the dismembered UNIPORT student has addressed claims of his death.


In an Instagram story post, VeryDarkMan hinted at the concerns of some of his fans who had dreams about his untimely death.

Unperturbed by the supposed premonitions advised the fans to keep the information to themselves as all humans are bound to die at some point in time.

He added they should simply say ‘R.I.P’ for him without having the need to reach out to his DM to narrate whatever dreams they had.

“If you dream say I die, say rip and wake up. No dm me with the message. We are all gonna die,” he wrote.

See the post below …

VeryDarkMan addresses dreams about his death

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