Lady blasts man for failing to give her ‘just N50K’ for birthday photoshoot

A Nigerian man comes under fire at the hands of a lady who blasted him for snubbing her after she begged for ‘just N50K’ to sponsor her birthday photoshoot.

A user on the X platform laughed at the entitlement of a lady who ridiculed him for not agreeing to her demands.

In the chat provided by the young man, the lady laid down her birthday plans while billing him the sum of N50K to cater for her birthday photoshoot.

Not getting a response, however, triggered the lady to lambast the guy for being stingy and reluctant despite having the money.

“Nice one Akinbam. So you ghosted me because of just 50K for my shoot no problem and I know you have the money with you but have forgiven you. So are you still interested for the dinner date we talked about???,” she wrote.

Lady blasts man for failing to give her 'just N50K' for birthday photoshoot

Sharing the post, the young man captioned their chat; “Lol I just check my WhatsApp this morning and this girl that said I should give her just 50k for photo shoot sent a text since yesterday. Omo some babes dey gba 😂💔. 😂werey still say just 50k, na why that girl dey drag Nigeria girls,” he stated.


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