Van Vicker gushes as 1st daughter gains admission into UK university

Veteran actor, Joseph Van Vicker is believed to rank among the happiest dads at the moment following his first daughter, J’dyl Vanette Vicker’s remarkable feat, education-wise.

J’dyl recently graduated from the Tema International School (TIS) where she studied for an international baccalaureate, and has also gained admission to study law in the United Kingdom.

She was part of the students at TIS’ 2022 graduation held on Saturday, May 28.

Following this feat, Van Vicker took to his Instagram page to share a photo from the ceremony while penning down a heartwarming caption.

The photo showed J’dyl in her green academic gown as she posed with her siblings, Jian and VJ.

“A proud father. All glory to God. Congratulations J’dyl. Take care of your ELF (Education, Life itself & Freedom) and you will grasp that many other things will catenate for your good,” the actor wrote.

An earlier post on Instagram had revealed her daughter’s admission into Leicester University in the UK.