“Using left hand is NOT wrong nor disrespectful, end this madness” – Doctor clarifies

A UK-based Nigerian doctor, Dr. Olufunmilayo has shunned the cultural attachment of disrespect in Nigeria to the use of a left hand.

dr olufunmilayo

According to Dr. Olufunmilayo, most ambidextrous people – people who are able to use both left and right hand – are pressured by society into doing so.

In a lengthy post via Twitter, the online doctor noted that being left-handed is a natural phenomenon in which nobody should be bullied into changing.

“Many nigerians who are ambidextrous were initially left-handed but were beaten black and blue to use their right hand.

left hand

We also beat people for giving/taking things with left hand. One day we will discuss how tyranny, abuse and oppression is carried out in the name of “culture”.

Until you start to talking to lefties and ambidextrous people in Nigeria, you will never know their pains.

Many of these people were badly traumatised and tyrannised as children SIMPLY FOR BEING LEFT HANDED.

And till today, many families and schools still continue this madness.

How does giving/taking things with left hand equal to “disrespect”? It’s insane. And it’s funny how some deranged people use this “culture” and they will get a ruler/cane to beat a child silly for this.

But offer same people a huge cheque with left hand, they collect it. Clowns.

I am righthanded. But I have observed this madness, bullying, oppression and blatant abuse of people who use left hand many times.

Using left hand to write is NOT wrong.
Using left hand to eat is NOT wrong.
Using left hand to give/take things is NOT wrong.


And if you have a child,
If you are a guardian, teacher or someone in a position of influence over children:

Please never oppress any child simply because they are left-handed. It is a NORMAL way their brains are developed and wired.

Let’s stop this madness.
It makes no sense.”

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