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UNIUYO Lecturer Punishes Students For Talking In Class (Photos)



UNIUYO Lecturer Punishes Students For Talking In Class

Lecturers in Nigerian universities are beginning to exhibit tendencies of inflicting corporal punishment on students for one reason or the other.

A Philosophy lecturer in the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom placed his students under the punishment of standing and raising their hands.
UNIUYO Lecturer Punishes Students For Talking In Class The students were making a noise while the lecturer was teaching and as a result of that the lecturer got angry and gave them punishment.UNIUYO Lecturer Punishes Students For Talking In ClassRecall that a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka allegedly punished her students for not sweeping the classroom by asking them to kneel down and raise their hands.

An eyewitness reported that it happened in a 3rd year class, department of Microbiology, University Of Nigeria Nsukka.

The source further said,

“No matter how anyone would want to look at it, this is outright insanity, to say the least. How do you mete out this kind of punishment to university students for not sweeping their classroom when we’ve got non-academic staff who’re paid to get stuff like this done???

If people like this lecturer are not called to order, a time will come when they’d flog and physically abuse students and it will still be swept under the carpet. This is sheer humiliation and totally unacceptable.”

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