“Una never even start university” – Secondary school girls with sign-out t-shirt cause commotion on the road after final exams (video)

A video shared on TikTok has caught the attention of viewers as it captures the moment a group of secondary school girls celebrates the completion of their final exams.

In an imitation of university students’ traditions, the girls wore white shirts and allowed people to sign on them, marking the end of their academic journey.

"Una never even start university" - Secondary school girls cause commotion on the road after writing last exams (Video)
A photo of the secondary school girls who caused commotion on the road over the completion of their secondary school education. Photo credit:@ Source: Tiktok

The video showcases the girls expressing their excitement and relief from various aspects of school life.

They enumerate the things they are now free from, including wearing white socks, tucking in shirts, and enduring punishments.

In their words;

“Hello everybody, no more late coming, no more wearing white socks, no more you coming to school late, no more money for projects, no more do this, do that.”

The girls continue listing the things they are glad to be free from, playfully expressing their newfound freedom and independence.

Their declarations include statements such as, “No more I’m not begging you, but if you give me, I will collect,” and “No more I’m not your mother’s mate, don’t talk to me anyhow.

They also mention putting an end to wearing long socks, wearing slippers, tucking in shirts, crying, and bringing their mothers to school.

The video has garnered significant attention on social media, attracting numerous comments from netizens.

Some viewers congratulated the girls on their accomplishment and praised their light-hearted celebration.

However, many individuals took the opportunity to throw subtle shades at the girls, perhaps implying that their excitement stemmed from trivial concerns.

Netizens Reactions…

@Chinny said; “How I wish they know what they’re about to face.”

@ayomide6762 added; “Na to get pregnant remain.”

@Korede replied; “Project Dey wait for you like mad Dey play.”

@black sheriff said; “SS3 dey do sign out,una never see anything.”

@jennifer said; “University never show una shege. Una never even start.”

@dcworld3 reacted; “Na for university you unna go know say more still Dey, won aaa fi aiye su yin.”

@Angie said; “Have u seen your result?”

@beauty love wrote; “Make una dey play. Congratulations to you girls shaa.”

See below;


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