Netizens react as secondary school student buys Lexus car (Video)

Mixed reactions have trailed a video of some secondary school students celebrating their peer who bought a new car.

The unidentified high school student had purchased a new Lexus car and drove it to his school to show off to his friends.

Secondary school student buys Lexus In the video which surface on social media, the students who were seen in their school uniforms celebrated their classmate on his new ride.

This, however, generated a discussion in the comment section as some netizens wondered what the student does for a living.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions gathered below:

okonofuaitohan wrote: “So I as a parent my child in secondary school will come home with a car and I will allow him to park in my house, when I know the child is not working or won award through academic knowledge GOD FORBID BAD THINGS. Mother please do better before tomorrow maybe too late.”

tsg_world wrote: “Two things is either the parent it for him or a gift. Other than that he need to answer some questions. We got my son Car at 15 but he has a driver . He just finished his He finished his IG’s last year and turn 17th is year and just learning how to drive. My point is, owning a car is not a right to drive.”

tosinjuls wrote: “The world is coming to an end”

ogirikimargaret wrote: “I started earning legit money at the age of 19 going on twenty after my university education. I was waiting to be called up for national youth service, I got a job in a high profile hotel as a front desk officer. After I collected my first salary, shishi I couldn’t spend from it, I went to submit it to my parents in a family meeting, na them apportion money give me for transport. At that age I no even reason bra . This gen Z eh”