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Uber driver shares photo of tattered wallet rider forgot in his car

A Twitter user with the handle @uber_that has come out to share his experience with an individual that boarded his vehicle.

According to @uber_that, a passenger had taken a ride in his car and after alighting at his destination in Ikorodu, discovered that he left his wallet behind.

The individual upon realizing after about an hour, placed a call to @uber_that, demanding that he searches his car for the wallet and bring it back to Ikorodu.

However, upon finding the wallet and discovering that there is a token sum of money in it, the Uber driver told the passenger that he would send N200 airtime as compensation for the loss, as he could not drive back to Ikorodu.

Explaining further, he said he made the decision because the owner of the wallet had made it clear that he would not be covering the expense of the trip back to Ikorodu.

See the tweet below:

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