Viral News Twitter on fire as Nigerian youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty

Twitter on fire as Nigerian youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty


Nigerian youths have finally declared interest to form their own political party, the “Youth Democratic Party of Nigeria”.

Youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty

The declaration of their intention is coming in the wake of recent protests geared towards ending police brutality in the country.

A recent visit to Twitter this morning showed that the hash tag #YouthDemocraticParty is currently trending on the micro blogging platform and is quickly accelerating to the top.

According tweets by Nigerian youths, they want a complete overhaul of the system that has failed since independence.

Many are of the opinion that the older generation has ruled and failed for too long a time and it is time for the younger generation to takeover the system.

On funding, a twitter user suggested that an online fundraiser be created so that youths would collectively donate to enable them register the party and also support their choiced candidates.

See some tweets below;

Youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty Youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty Youths set to form #YouthDemocraticParty


  1. That’s great, this actions has truly marked the beginning of self liberation and freedom.


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