Transgender woman claims LGBTQ+ community is the richest in the world

A Nigerian transgender woman believes that the LGBTQ+ community currently boasts of the richest and most influential individuals in the world.

He revealed this in an episode of the rated 18 podcast.

According to him, many fashion brands amongst other influential people are filled with members of the queer community.

Transgender woman claims LGBTQ+ community is the richest in the world

Despite the fact that many people criticize them, they have no other choice but to patronize them.

He believes that his community of people currently rule the world yet many individuals are wicked to them and heavily criticize their sexuality.

Here are some reactions to the video below

the_whitneywhyt wrote: “Lmaoooo.. the devil is about to make someone think this is true, when they can clearly see that the person talking is broke😂”

iamdiuton_ corrected: “my dear, richest in theworld is elon musk, a big hater of the community, adjust your wig and try again”

charlesofgoodlife added: “Water leave people wey e suppose drown come dey drown the wrong people.”

taiwo_junzi opined: “She’s speaking about popular figures in the fashion industry but you can also extend it to the entertainment industry as a whole. The colourful movement has taken over that space.”

olumax3028 said: “She right but that doesn’t make the idea right. The reason why LGBTQ is gaining prominence is because powerful people are behind the movement”

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