Toyin Abraham allegedly arrests troll who wished her son death

Actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has allegedly arrested an X user who wished death on her son a few weeks ago.

The actress, who has received widespread online abuse for her support for President Tinubu, has proved her dedication to shielding herself and her family from toxic internet behavior.

According to a source close to the X user, Yarlo was arrested by Lagos police four days ago for cyberbullying Toyin Abraham.

The source, Reedah, asked for assistance on behalf of the arrested user, describing the circumstances around the arrest.

Toyin Abraham allegedly arrests X user who wished her son death
Toyin Abraham, actress and producer

The post read:

“Hello am Reedah and Yarlo is my friend. Heard from his mom he had been arrested 4 days ago. Heard the police came from Lagos to arrest him. They said he was cyberbullying Toyin Abraham. Pls, any help you can render will deeply appreciate you.”

Recall that the Twitter user and Toyin Abraham got into a heated argument before his detention, during which he made a startling remark about wanting her son to die. “Your son go kpai soon” (Your son will soon die) was what he wrote.

He said, “Use me as the first scapegoat,” in response to Toyin Abraham’s promise to use him as a scapegoat.

However, the police and Toyin Abraham have yet to confirm the arrest report.

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