Tinubu inaugurates Lagos Red Line Rail project

President Bola Tinubu on Thursday, officially inaugurated the Red Line Rail Project in Lagos State.

This project is an intra-state rail service designed to enhance transportation within the city. Covering a distance of 37 kilometers, the Red Line Rail Project is set to revolutionize commuting in Lagos.

Tinubu inaugurates Lagos Red Line Rail
Tinubu inaugurates Lagos Red Line Rail

President Tinubu in inaugurating the project reiterated his administration’s commitment in improving on the nation’s infrastructural development.

He also said there is no going back on the reforms embarked upon by his government that have led to the hike of essential goods and services.

“But this revolution that has started, this reform that is ongoing, we are not looking back. The engineering, the construction, the affirmation of our pledge to be loyal to our country. There is one thing I know is that there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

The President further admitted that while the current administration makes an effort to fight corruption, the scourge will fight back.

He said, “We said we can do it, you believed in us. We said the people’s lives will end up being better, you believed in us. I could hear a lot of voices right now, I asked for this job, I cannot complain, it’s all about democracy.

“I agree smugglers will fight back, corruption will fight back. We will fight them to ruin. Corruption will go away, save the money for you to educate our children, to pay for the healthcare system of our people, to pay for the modern transportation system that works for highest number of people, not those few smugglers.”

The red line will share the right-of-way with the Lagos-Kano Standard Gauge Railway. The route will initially run from Agbado in Ogun State to Oyingbo in Lagos, with notable stations including Agbado, Iju, Agege, Ikeja, Oshodi, Mushin, Yaba, and Oyingbo.

Meanwhile, in a brief statement on X (formerly Twitter), the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu noted that by connecting critical points across Lagos, “we’re opening doors to opportunities, growth, and a sustainable future”.

The governor had on Saturday carried out a test run of the Lagos Red Line ahead of today’s commissioning of the project by President Bola Tinubu.

He further asserted that the commissioning of the LMRT Red Line is more than just a project, adding that it is “a generational leap for our city”.

“This launch is a testament to what we can achieve when we dream big and work together. The LMRT Red Line is a cornerstone in our journey to make Lagos a global model city for urban excellence.

“Let’s ride into a brighter, more connected future together,” the governor charged Lagosians and all Nigerians who live and do business within the Lagos metropolis.

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