“This is why the rest of the world see us as a joke; no value for human lives” – Williams Uchemba comments on Nigerian Embassy’s advice to citizens

Popular actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba has commented on the advice issued by the Nigerian embassy in Ukraine to the citizens of Nigeria.

Nigerians in Ukraine have been advised not to lose their calm and be responsible for their own safety, according to a statement made by the Nigerian Embassy in Kiev.

Responding to the statement, the popular comedian stated that that’s why the world see Nigeria as a joke.

Uchemba wrote:

This is why the rest of the world sees us as a joke, no value for human lives….Maybe it’s when they start bringing our brothers and sisters back in body bag. Maybe then you will understand that this is not a dialogue war but full military operation war, countries have been evacuating their citizens for weeks now and my country is asking her citizens to “remain calm and protect themselves” from missiles???”

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