“There’s nothing like husband snatching” — Izzy shades Blessing CEO, others (Video)

Controversial media personality, Izzy Ogbeide throws a shade at the relationship expert, Blessing CEO and others over their assertions about husband snatching.

Izzy in a recent post once and for all cleared a claim Blessing CEO is well known for, despite not mentioning her name.

Izzy Ogbeide
Izzy Ogbeide

She strongly stated that the act of husband snatching is incomparable and disrespectful. According to Izzy, labelling men as objects that can be snatched is degrading.

She further argued that men cannot be “taken” because they possess the freedom to choose and express their consent.

Expressing her frustration, she criticized the use of the term “husband snatching” by so-called relationship experts, suggesting that they could improve their knowledge by reading, conducting research, or seeking information online.

Izzy concluded that unlike husbands who can speak for themselves and make choices, inanimate objects or things without a voice are the ones that can truly be snatched.

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