Actress, Victoria Kolawole dragged for allegedly snatching husband from wife, accused of being bi-sexual

Actress, Victoria Kolawole has been dragged for allegedly snatching a woman’s husband and for being double-edged as regards sexuality.

Victoria Kolawole Bi-sexual Snatching husband

The actress was called out by an Instagram blogger identified as Gistlover who accused the lady of snatching someone else’s husband thereby leaving his original wife in a state of hardship, as she struggles to cater for her kids alone.

The blogger also described her as a lesbian and claimed that she has slept with almost all the men in the Nigerian movie industry.

It reads:

“Full Vawulence Sunday:Actress Victoria Kolawole has done it again o,this time she use Puna scatter industry o,never seen a more confused soul,if Na prick you want ,stick to prick,if Na obo(puna) you wan Dey lick,stick to it,why you Dey jump up and down,now you don go hook two artist of which one of them is very married with kid,Victoria made the otega guy divorce his wife and baby,not up to a week wey otega pursue him wife,Victoria don pack her Ghana must go enter house,as if that is not enough them dey pepper the wife hia and dia on Instagram,the wife has been in my Dm Dey cry o,say their daughter is not feeling well and otega has not checked on the girl,na Victoria puna Dey reign now Victoria yeyebrity stay one place,if Na prick you wan follow,follow,if Na puna,follow don’t confuse the thunder,I come in peace o,igi ewedu oni wolu wa o”

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Victoria Kolawole Bi-sexual Snatching husband

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