There is a new kid on the block; Introducing Chivita’s Newest brand

We all know and love our Chivita Juices, from Chivita 100% to Chivita Active and the tasty Chi Exotic, but today at a launch event, Chivita introduces its newest “baby”, Chivita Smart Malt Drink, for all the smart mums out there who want to give their kids the right energy to learn and to play.

Chivita Smart Malt Drink is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and E, giving children the energy to learn and play, whilst also enjoying its great taste. Children need energy and stamina to go on with their day just like adults do. They have a short attention span, and therefore need a lot of focus to pay attention in their classes. During physical education, they may participate in activities that require a lot of energy; Chivita Smart Malt Drink is great tasting and ensures an active mind, keeping them energetic all through the day.

Packed in a 125ml aseptic pack, Chivita Smart Malt Drink is handy and can easily be enjoyed by children any day, anytime, and anywhere, on its own or with meals. It is the perfect partner in their lunchboxes, picnic boxes, after-school activities, family days out.

Kids are in for a real treat as its naturally tasty and satisfying experience also provides energy to learn & energy to play.

Toyin Nnodi, CHI Limited’s Marketing Director stated that the Chivita brand has always been innovative and very consumer-centric, and the company is excited about the opportunity to grow the portfolio with the launch of Smart Malt Drink targeted at children.

“Children need vigour and stamina to concentrate in their learning sessions or participate in physical activities, Chivita Smart Malt drink would provide them with healthy energy required to succeed, play, concentrate and learn all day” she said.

You have heard it smart mums, go get your pack for your child today. Chivita Smart Malt Drink is available in stores and retails at an affordable price of N80.

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