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“There are many people who would be happy seeing you in pains, stop sharing your pains on social media” – Actor Uzee Usman

Nollywood actor and film producer Uzee Usman has shared a life-saving secret on his social media page as he advises his fans never to share their pains on social media.

Uzee usman share pains

Uzee is of the opinion that there are many people who enjoy seeing others in pain and this is the reason why we should be mindful of people and who we share our pains with.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Stop sharing your pain with everyone & never on social media. There are many who would be happy to see you in pain. Be mindful who you allow into your circle. Not everyone is there for your healing. Some will even pray against you. Take your pain to the Almighty, your Healer!”

Uzee usman share pains


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