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“The sight of my pregnant wife not being taken care of is killing me gradually” – Man cries out over employment


A Nigerian graduate whose wife is currently an expectant mother, has pleaded with Nigerians via Twitter to find him a job to take proper care of his family.

Sharing his story, he revealed how he graduate from school as the best student in 2016, but since then it has been difficult for him to find a good job.

He subsequently got married and himself and his wife had to take on teaching jobs, in order to sustain the family, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has worsened their financial crisis.

His story reads;

Read his story below;

“Don’t start pitying me when life frustration gets the better part of me to do the unthinkable. I graduated as the best student from the department of marketing, The Polytechnic Ibadan in 2016.

I served in Niger State where I met a fellow corper I eventually got married to in December 2019. Since there is no reasonable job anywhere, we both started teaching job to sustain our young home.

As graduates, she was being paid 10,000 naira monthly (regularly) while I was being paid 22,000 naira monthly but not regularly. The last time I collected salary even before the pandemic was January.

The pandemic outbreak in March made worse our condition. We couldn’t afford to pay rent again and our landlord sent us parking. We have to move in with my sister who is also a single mother of three.

When we waited endlessly for the pandemic to be over, I decided to start learning tiling work. I believe a responsible man must not pity himself but just find legal means to succeed.
The issue now is that since March, we don’t have any source of income.

  • My sister is trying to feed us to the limit of her financial capacity but it is not all easy. My wife is presently pregnant but we don’t even have money to register for antenatal.

Please, I am not begging for money I will not work for because I am not lazy. Help me find job to take care of my family. The sight of my wife in pregnancy not being taken proper care of is a nightmare that is killing me gradually.”


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