The kidnappers were quick, but Teni was very smart – Eyewitness confirms kidnap attempt on singer; narrates full story

An eyewitness has narrated the circumstances that surrounded the failed kidnap attempt on Nigerian female singer, Teniola Apata a.k.a Teni.

The eyewitness’s story comes after Gistreel had earlier reported how the singer narrowly escaped an alleged kidnap attempt in Buguma area of Rivers State.

Reports said the singer ran for her dear life after fights and gunshots broke out while she was performing in a concert held in the state.

In the wake of the sketchy story, an eyewitness identified with the Twitter handle @joydaminabo_ narrated how everything happened.

Taking to her Twitter account, she started a thread regarding the incident as she answered every question thrown at her by netizens.

She wrote, “I was there and it was a mess!!!!!! People were rushed to the clinic because of the stampede.”

@Eric morn asked, “Did they actually wanted to kidnap her?”

@joydaminabo_, “Yes and that’s when her bouncers statutes shooting everywhere!!!! Not just towards the sky but everywhere !!!! It was horrible. I just feel bad for her.”

@Mafia 101, “But hope nothing happened to her sha?”

@joydaminabo_ “They were very quick and she was very smart. It was almost like she sensed it so she just moved backstage and that’s when her bodyguards started the commotion. She’s fine for all I know.”

@Mark, “But I heard it was a drunk guy that caused it, this kidnapping story is new.”

@joydaminabo_Someone (probably the drunk guy you heard of) shattered a bottle, she didn’t react so much, it happened again and the bottle was thrown towards her side but it landed on a bodyguard’s head. That’s where the problem started. I went with a lot of my family members.

“So we were scattered all around. Everyone saw what happened at different angles.They shot because they wanted us to clear the road for their cars to pass.”


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