“The goal is to fight poverty” – Man dances for older white lover, defies age barrier (Video)

A man with Tiktok handle @kelvintested1 has captured the hearts of viewers on TikTok with a touching video of himself dancing for an elderly white woman in a wheelchair.

The emotional clip, set to the melodious tune of Chike’s ‘Running’ song, has sparked a wave of admiration and praise for Kelvin’s open-minded approach to love.

In the video, Kelvin can be seen gracefully dancing while the elderly woman watches, her face lighting up with a smile.

The authenticity and affection in Kelvin’s gestures were evident, as he seemed to effortlessly connect with the woman through music and movement.

In the accompanying caption, Kelvin expressed his belief in the beauty of love, emphasizing that age should not be a barrier to finding true happiness with the right person.

In his words;

“Love is a beautiful thing if you are with the right person. Age is just a number, love is a beautiful thing.”

The viral video touched the hearts of millions, leaving many viewers inspired by the powerful message it conveyed.

Netizens Reactions…

@Profdavid39 reacted; “We hustle in different ways may God bless your hustle.”

@Timo hustler testimony said; “Not until one day Police begins to look for you, after she dies in bed while u are smashing.”

@debz488 commented: “Brother the goal is to fight poverty, congratulations.plese ask her if she has sister, My brother is single.”

@Bertha muta commented: “He is a caregiver thanks for taking care of her.” 

@Britannia001 said; “May God bless your hustle.”

@Avon uk Headquarters Gh reacted: “In fact love is a beautiful thing.”

@Maha Bayefaal7 said: “Haha I’m going for a granny mom.”

@Ntege Jonathan203 said: “Money is also a number.”

@blessed kesh commented: “How much love is this.”

@Queen jennifer reacted: “This is called smart hustle, don’t worry you go soon cash out.”

@Mr Simon reacting: “God blesses people differently, more bags to your sincere bro.” 

See below;


Love is a beautifull thing if you’re with the right person ❤️❤️❤️

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