Talented artist lights up TikTok as he sketches bus conductor’s portrait mid-ride, brings smile to his face

A talented artist caught the attention of many on social media by drawing a portrait of a bus conductor in a moving bus.

In the video titled ‘Wait for his reaction,’ the bus conductor appeared serious while conversing with passengers and collecting bus fare.

Talented artist lights up TikTok as he sketches bus conductor's portrait mid-ride, brings smile to his face
Bus Conductor.

Unknown to him, a talented artist on the same bus was already sketching his portrait.

Just moments before he alighted, the artist handed over the completed portrait, eliciting a smile from the conductor.

Many individuals have reacted to the actions of the talented artist and the conductor, flooding the comment section of the post.

See some reactions below:

emmanuelkwesidond: “‎So how many minutes do u use to draw this?”

AKATA WESTLYF: “‎Come to Kumasi to the Akata mates.”

Hadjia Berry: “‎They always have to show their driver.”

Shelvet: “‎Notice how they always show it to their boss/driver first?? There’s always more to see beyond the immediate vision.”

joker23: “‎Ahhhh so master carry your mate ein portrait give am errrr.”

Realbowynanayawobey: “‎Yy Dey always shows to their master.”

MCS: “‎Have noticed that after they watch and smile they hand it over to the drivers to see.”

Chec Charles: “‎Conductor dey use coin for Ghana . E go hard small for here o.”

ifynoelle: “‎conductors are very loyal to their drivers.”

Asare Survivor: “‎@Enil chapter 4 vs 1…. And it ll be passed on to the driver by the mate vs 2.”



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