Popular reality star, Vee Iye has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to toxic fans on her page, stating that she’s allowed to have a healthy brand.

"Stop pushing your fears onto me, am allowed to have a healthy brand" - Vee warn toxic fans

According to Vee, she received a DM from a fan who was trying to advise her but in the process ruined her day.

Vee who was not pleased with the advice urged toxic fans to stay clear of her path, noting that she can have a healthy brand and a healthy relationship at the same time.

She noted that all she wants is support from fans as she has been living her life the way she wants it and will not change for anyone.

Vee wrote:

I saw a really crap DM from a “fan” this morning and it pretty much almost ruined my day. Let me share some advice. Stop pushing your fears onto me. Refrain from insulting my choices and disguising it as advice. SUPPORT is all I want.

In all honesty, I show you a small percentage of my life. You cannot live your life through me. My ways are different to your ways. I’m not watching anyone, I just want to live my life and reach my goals day by day. Allow me to enjoy myself.

Lastly, I am allowed to have a healthy brand and a healthy relationship at the same damn time. Miss me with that misogynistic mindset. I work too bloody hard to accept such a nonsense take.



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