“Should I return it” – Nigerian woman seeks advice after receiving condom at workplace

An unidentified Nigerian lady sought advice on social media after sharing an item she received at her workplace.

The lady claimed she was given the object at her workplace but doesn’t know what to do with it, asking if she should return it.

"Should I return it" - Nigerian woman seeks advice after receiving condom at workplace
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Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the object in question was a condom given to her at work.

She sought the opinions of social media users, asking whether she should return it as she has no use for it.

Her statement reads: “See what they shared at the office today. As someone who doesn’t use it, should I return it?”

Accompanied by a photo of the condom, her statement attracted the attention of many social media users who immediately stormed the comment section to share their opinions on the matter.

See some reactions below: 

@tearscollect: “So what’s the news about? Condoms are are even shared in secondary schools.”

@LaFuegoDios: “Very valid if its a Nigerian bank or hospital. Their staff Ìṣekúṣe is out of this world.”

@Pizzy_ander: “HR is just making sure that somebody’s husband doesn’t show up and disrupts the whole process.”

@Pizzy_ander: “Work husband and work wife don too much for the office. HR just making sure her assets are safe.”

@rxmcbakassi: “It is important tool against infection and unwanted pregnancies. Pretending doesn’t prevent the fact that you all are Knacking steadily more than NEPA light.”

@emmytrix_ent: “Even the management knows dey don almost use knacking finish themselves for the company, Naso the management kukuma gba kamu and give them protection for safety. Management don tire but no fit fire them.”


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