“Before 15 years you go born 4” – Little girl causes stir as she easily identifies a ‘condom’, describes what it is used for

A little girl has caught the attention of many online as she effortlessly identifies a condom and uses her body and hand to describe what it is used for.

In the video, which has garnered over a thousand views on TikTok, the young girl can be seen promptly responding to a man’s inquiry about the object in front of her.

Little girl condom
Little girl.

He asked, “What is this?”

Without hesitation, the little girl answered, “A condom.”

The man continued, asking what it is used for, and the girl responded by humorously moving her waist to demonstrate its purpose.

The actions of the little girl, along with her responses and the man’s questions (whose face was not shown), have garnered online attention, with many people flocking to the comment section to express their opinions.

See some reactions below:

Franklin: “‎Before 15 years you go born 4”

freeman: “‎is so wrong to be asking this little girl. this question.”

Webster: “‎That’s a minor Bro, Asking her that type of question is considered illegal. you can be punished for that.”

I too know: “‎kids are observant they Grab everytin fast, pls to every parents watching dis vide o be careful of wat u discuss in the presence of ur chil dre.”

chukspmvr9e: “‎But honestly there’s nothing wrong in her knowing what it is and what’s used for, it might help her to be wiser in future so she doesn’t loose guard.”

LEKE AJAYI: “‎And there mother is seating down there.”

flawless: “‎This why they arrest Trinity guy, y’all should be careful of which content you make.”

user1242204651570: “‎Na wumi throwback be this before she meet mohbad.”

Adkiins: “‎sex education. teach your kids sex education. she knows what’s its used for and its good.”

Queen_Unis: “‎It is good to educate dem on it before Dey get wrong info and behave anyhow. Der is nothin wrong with sex education.”



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