“Saying Tinubu built Lagos is celebrating mediocrity” – Ezra Olubi

Paystack co-founder, Ezra Olubi, kicks against the notion that Lagos state was built by Bola Tinubu as celebrated by many.

Ezra Olubi

The Paystack founder, who sparked outrage over a wedding outfit took to Twitter to voice his opinion. Ezra stated that people cannot keep saying that Tinubu built Lagos.

He opined that “Lagos was always going to stand out” as a former capital and major port city. He said linking Lagos’ greatness to Tinubu is “celebrating mediocrity.”

Ezra wrote:

“tinubu built lagos” = celebrating mediocrity. its status as a former capital and major port city means lagos was always going to stand out. its leaders failed to efficiently leverage the resources at their disposal to make it truly excellent and chose to hold it, hostage, instead. “

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