Rivers residents rally to rescue boys in Benz from illegal Police arrest (Video)

A group of residents in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, bravely rescued a young group of boys in a Benz who were being harassed by the police in the state capital.

The incident, which was captured on tape and later surfaced on social media, has sparked outrage among citizens, as they voiced their discontent over police misconduct.

The distressing event took place on Iwofe Road, where a black-colored Mercedes Benz carrying several young men was stopped by police officers for an unspecified reason. The officers proceeded to conduct a thorough search of the vehicle, presumably searching for contraband or illegal substances. However, their search yielded no incriminating evidence, leaving them frustrated.

Despite finding nothing illegal, the situation took a sinister turn as the officers attempted to arrest the motorist and his friends without any justifiable cause.

This unwarranted attempt at apprehension quickly caught the attention of bystanders, who were taken aback by the police’s actions.

In a display of solidarity, a mob quickly formed, intervening in the matter to prevent the security personnel from unlawfully detaining the boys.

The tension escalated as the situation unfolded, and the atmosphere became increasingly charged.

The video footage captured the harrowing moment when the residents battled vehemently to ensure the boys’ freedom.

Faced with a united and unyielding mob, the police officers eventually succumbed to the pressure and allowed the young men to drive off.

Netizens Reactions…

@TycoonRazzi commented; “This can never happen in Lagos. People go just dey look”

@RuthlessOO7 said; “@SupremeCourtNg @NGCourtofAppeal when you give the right verdict on judgement day Nigerians will spring up from every corner in your defence… just do what’s right cause the street is no longer friendly as you see”

@kwaakwei said; “A few things I’ve observed about the police, especially in Africa:

More than 80% don’t know the law

They think they’re above the law”

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