Phyna and Daniella suspicious as Biggie refers to evicted housemates as “house guests” (Video)

Phyna and Daniella may have figured out that the evicted housemates still present amongst them may not be full housemates anymore.


This comes following Big Brother’s address to them as “house guests” and not “housemates” like he normally would.

This sprung some confusion between Daniella and Phyan, as they discuss the incident. According to the Level-up housemates, something feels off, as they discuss certain possibilities.

It will be recalled that Chomzy, Eloswag, and Doyin were evicted last Sunday, but still kept in a house that is now known as “Level-3” as Big Brothers guests. Not only are these housemates oblivious of this, but they also seem to feel they are special to Big Brother, and that one of them may eventually emerge the winner of the show.

Watch the details below…

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